1978 Studio Recordings

Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris, France, January 5 - Masrch 2, 197801 Some Girls (some girls)02 Lies (full length version)03 Lies (some girls)04 Far Away Eyes (basic track)05 Far Away Eyes (some girls)06 Far Away Eyes (7"single-edited version)07 Before They Make Me Run (basic track 1)08 Before They Make Me Run (basic track 2)09 Before They Make Me Run (some girls)10 Before They Make Me Run ...

1978 Some Girls

UK 7"SINGLE (ROLLING STONES RECORDS EMI 2802) 5.19.197801 Miss You (remixed and edited version)02 Far Away Eyes (edited version) FORTY LICKS (Virgin Records 724381337820) includes track 1 stereoWe Want The Rare Stones (Glimmer Twins Record G.T.-012) includes track 2 stereo UK 12"SINGLE (ROLLING STONES RECORDS 12 EMI 2802) 6.2.197801 Miss You (special disco version)02 Far Away Eyes (From LP-SO...